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Expert Driveway Painting and Sealing

Protect and Improve the Appearance of your Driveway with Peninsula Concrete Sealing. We service Frankston, Mornington and the surrounding suburbs

Your driveway is one of the most obvious parts of a building. It’s one of the first things people see when they pull up and it’s what you use every day to get in and out. But over time, a driveway can start to show its age. The concrete can crack and it can become dirty, stained and unsightly. You may have also had or attempted a un professional driveway restoration in the past that may not have stood the test of time.

Peninsula Concrete Sealing offers professional driveway painting Frankston services that will protect your driveway, garage, pathway or other concrete based surface from the elements and keep it looking its best for years to come.

We offer a variety of colours to choose from, so you can match your driveway to the rest of your home’s exterior. We also offer a variety of options including clear coating; you can choose the finish you want to complement the surface we’re sealing. We also have a great eye for colours and can assist in your final colour selection.

Our driveway sealing service is affordable and convenient. We offer free estimates, and we can usually complete the job within 2-3 days (assuming a standard residential driveway having good weather).

Our 4-Step Process


What type of surface are we looking to seal and what are your expectations? What condition is the surface in? Are there cracks, signs of concrete cancer, has it been sealed before, is there oil on the driveway (gumtrees close by)? The list goes on and on.

We must ensure that when we say we can do a job to a high standard we deliver a high standard. If we can’t do it right we won’t do it at all and the customer must be aware of any limitations on long-lasting driveway sealing before we commence any work.

Cleaning & Preparation

Like any painting procedure, driveway painting Frankston is the same; it’s all in the preparation. Cracks need to be filled with either a concrete based product or caulked – both have pros and cons and will depend on the concrete sealing application.

Next we thoroughly clean the surface using specialised chemicals and high-pressure driveway cleaning techniques to remove all oil, dirt, grime and bacteria. Once dry, we tape and protect adjoining surfaces and areas.


We offer both water and oil based concrete sealing services depending on the application. Either way, the first coat depends on the porosity of the surface. With the second coat, a non-slip additive may be added if and where required. A third coat is optional depending on the application and your requirements. Each coat requires a minimum curing time depending on the weather and the application. Once completed, no vehicle traffic is allowed for 6 days.


We thoroughly clean up after ourselves at the end of each day’s work. The driveway will have bollards placed out the front during the curing time (which we will pick up at the end) or the area will be taped off.

Benefits of Driveway Painting and Concrete Sealing


A new coat of paint can make your driveway look like new again adding street appeal

A driveway sealer will protect your driveway from the elements. Concrete sealing for protection will help to prevent your driveway from deterioration.

A driveway sealer will also increase the durability of your driveway. This means that your driveway will last longer and will be less likely to need repairs.

Driveway painting provides immediate effect and can also increase the value of your home. A new coat of paint can make your home look more attractive to potential buyers.

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